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Our vision, mission and goals


We want to create a home founded on the pillars of safety, care and quality. We pledge to work together towards one goal of providing all residents with professional and comprehensive care in a warm and friendly environment and foster the atmosphere of mutual respect and concern. We are confident that Angel Care affords seniors auspicious opportunities to improve and maintain the quality of their lives to meet the highest standards.

By encouraging and promoting active and participatory lifestyles Angel Care pursues its mission of breaking the age-associated stereotypes.

We recognise the importance of creating a welcoming environment that encourages family and friends to easily integrate and get involved in the daily activities and therapy of our residents.

We are particularly sensitive to the needs of each and every member of our community and committed to satisfy their requirements. We understand the age-related dynamics of human health, and physical and intellectual faculties. Seniors’ needs and requirements may and do change. We are flexible and our dedicated staff provide personalised care to each resident according to his or her unique preferences or desires.   

Professionalism and expertise,  compassion and kindness, safety and security, top hygiene standards and cleanliness. These are the qualities the residents experience in our centre.

We have also embarked on the task of educating families on the nature of dementia and age-related diseases and disorders, and  raising awareness of special requirements accompanying such conditions.

We explain the symptoms of the disease and the fact that in addition to the cognitive skills and abilities it affects many other aspects of life. We also support families facing the challenge. Empathy, understanding and patience are of the essence when dealing with the residents’ family members in these highly emotional circumstances. At the same time we ask the families to respect the efforts and commitment of our team and support the policy of partnership, which guarantees that  their loved ones are always provided with the best care. 

Our concepts

  • Make residents and families feel safe and cared for  
  • Provide professional and multi-level care
  • Design bespoke therapy programmes to suit individual requirements  


Nursing Home? 

The Angel Care Nursing Home is for those seniors who require regular assistance with day-to-day activities. Residents are provided with professional multi-level medical care. We design and adapt all therapy and physical rehabilitation programmes to best suit our residents’ individual requirements. The home stands for a synonym of safety, well-being and comfort and the highest possible quality of later life.  



  • Concern for the resident. Personal approach to individual needs. Compassion and sensitivity to unique requirements or preferences.
  • Communication and care marked with professional attitude and respect for privacy and dignity.
  • Assistance with day-to-day activities – our staff is second to none when it comes to rally to any challenge and overcome barriers.
  • Respect for our residents’ priorities and preferences, their dignity, uniqueness and need for fulfilment.
  • Encouraging an active attitude to life to inhibit the development of the illness and ensure the highest quality of life (Angel Care is not about passive care).
  • Transparency and full understanding when dealing with family members and close friends. Explaining the therapy process and providing updates. Encouraging their support for the process. 



  • Making residents and their loved ones feel safe and secure
  • Creating a friendly stress free environment – one of the most important aspects of happy and good life in old age
  • Practicing a balanced lifestyle to improve the feeling of safety and security, in particular in dementia sufferers
  • Using day-to-day interaction as an opportunity to effectively identify the residents’ habits, requirements and wishes. Learning correct response modes.
  • Creating the conditions of the highest quality of life – comfortable accommodation and everyday activities. 



Angel Care is divided into two independent parts: Assisted Living Apartments and  Nursing Home with an extensive Dementia Centre. For the convenience of our residents all the sections are operated as one campus but each of them is accessed through a separate entrance. 



Angel Care Assisted Living Apartments are designed for active and independent seniors. Three pillars are at the base of the concept: safety, well-being, fun. They are a synonym of living safely in a friendly environment with medical care available 24/7 and free access to many community areas. It is a new lifestyle – active, satisfying, free of worries. 



Nursing Home is for elderly people who require regular assistance with day-to-day activities. Our professional medical staff and qualified carers provide residents with 24/7 care. Age-related diseases and dysfunctions often coincide, which is the reason why at Angel Care we develop bespoke physiotherapy programmes. The Nursing Home helps our residents overcome barriers and maintain a high quality of life. 



A professional long-term care centre for fully dependent individuals suffering from the Alzheimer’s disease and other dementia-related conditions. With its safe atmosphere the centre helps to cope with the challenges of the disease. Residents and families enjoy a safe and comfortable environment with a guarantee of the best care a family may desire for their loved ones.

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